Web Applications

IDEA Framework

The IDEA Framework is an in house framework to support the IDEA workflow (Imagine, Design, Engineer, Apply). It is based on experience with other frameworks and their short comings for custom designed applications of many types. The Framework is designed on top of PHP and by default we integration with Idea-Base. The framework follows PHP design patterns to allow for greater extensibility.

Currently the framework is only available on our hosted systems and is used in the development of any web application or database application produced by IDEA Management LLC.

Sites Supported by the framework include: IDEA Management, ReX Productions, IDEA Cast (Podcasts), IDEA Base (Database/Data Applications)

Other Frameworks and Integrations

Along with IDEA Framework, we support backend applications running Zend and Laravel. We also support jQuery and SemanticUI for front-end development and interactive applications. This includes any other javascript APIs and integration with REST services.


Sometimes you don't need something extravagant or have the budget for a fully custom application. Instead, options like WordPress, make more sense to launch a site quickly and get the information into the hands of your users. We provide services for graphic design and layouts, as well as assistance with widgets and plugins. We also provide custom widget and plugin creation when certain features don't exist.