Idea-Base: Hosted Database Application

Designed to make your data accessible and useful.

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Along the road of managing the logistics of projects, we've found many use Excel to handle the organization of simple data. As a project continues though, the data may get more complex. It gets harder to keep track of the current file, and people constantly send in requests for the most recent copy even if a file sharing service is used. But, people are less likely to ask for details when they can retrieve what they need themselves.


We will build the data base and structure for you, or import one that you may already use. You spent all night on that Excel file getting all the headers and tabs right - why let it go to waste! Your life should not be made more complex by using better technology. So We take a hands on approach to help you. Once your database is created we help build your view and search requirements as well as implement things like Texting (sms) features to get basic information quickly even when the internet is being slow.


We recognize the importance of controlling what information can be accessed or written by specific users and user types. This project stems from a need where we have Admins from the client company needing information (and only the information they need!), Coordinators needing certain reports and updating things like techs or work sites, as well as specific techs that should have access to everything, and some that should only see what pertains to them, or tech leads that need to only see their team.

But it needs to be simple as well. We don't use a 3rd party group of apps to accomplish all of this. We use an in house system and sandbox every application (unless requested) including users so that all permissions are simple and concise and manageable.


Your database application is your application. It may be similar to what another project used but nothing is ever exactly the same. Ok ok, there are times when a project is repeated but we always learn from the last project and need to adjust for future work. Because every database application is custom and that's how we approach it, those changes can be made.